These Firefighters Used a Duck Ringtone to Rescue Six Ducklings From a Storm Drain


Even with the realistic, reassuring quacking sounds coming from his mobile phone, it took Louisiana firefighter Cody Knecht about 90 minutes to catch the first four baby mallards in the south-east Louisiana community of Slidell. Chad Duffaut of St Tammany Fire District said Mr Knecht rescued the two others.
After giving them about an hour to calm down, all six ducklings were reunited with their mother in the canal behind a home, where people first reported seeing the babies go into the drain.

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Saint Bernard Puppies, Now Offering Rum and a Phone Battery Charger


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You might not be quite as overcome with a crippling sense of FOMO the next time your phone is dying if you knew that this little dude was on his way to the rescue. At this year's SXSW conference, many companies are vying for the most innovative ways to solve the ever present battery issues of festival-goers.

The winner is clearly Mophie's service which allows you to tweet a picture of your dying battery to them and promptly receive a mini charging station located in the barrel of one of these adorable Saint Bernard puppies.

Turn off battery saving mode, stream House of Cards Marathon, send me a puppy.

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Supermom Lab Rescues Her Six Puppies From a Chilean Wildfire by Digging Them a Shelter


A supermom black lab saved her puppies from a fire burning in Valparaíso, Chile by leading them behind a metal container and digging them a protective hole.

Witnesses fleeing the fire that eventually burned over 1,200 acres watched as the dog lead her puppies away from the flames.

After saving her pups the mother dog, who has been nicknamed "Blackie" by rescue workers, found her own shelter. All of the dogs survived and several Valparaíso residents have stepped forward to adopt the entire family.

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Meet Dennis, The Previously Obese Dachshund, Now Healthy and Fit


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Brooke Burton rescued Dennis, a 6-year-old miniature dachshund and 56-pounds, from a relative who had fed the dog a diet of burgers, pizza, ramen noodles and gave Dennis little attention, leaving him scared, and sad.

After a first month of timidness and reluctance, Dennis seemed to realize the Burton was trying to help him and her strict dry dog food diet and multiple walks a day was for his benefit. His weight started dropping and his skin starting to fold and hung off him.

Since being adopted in 2013, Dennis has had to have three surgeries to remove excess skin folds. Dr. Kathleen Ham, an assistant professor in the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, said "It was really remarkable that he was otherwise healthy," she said. "We were surprised that he didn't have any detrimental effects from the excessive weight."

These days, the fit and healthy Dennis weighs 12 pounds, after losing a total of 44, including 2 pounds of excess skin. He loves to chase squirrels and birds, playing fetch and most of all belly rubs from his owner, Brooke Burton.

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Animal of the Day: Aperil the Monkey Wears a Hat and Runs Into Walls


This crazy 3-year-old monkey enjoys pulling a wool hat over her head to blind herself and running around until she hits something.

Pretty standard monkey business.

She’s one of four gibbons that live at the Monkey Island Rescue in Greenwood, Missouri, which houses over 250 rescued animals.

Her owner, Dana Savorelli, says she’s been playing this game for several years and came up with it on her own.

“You have to wonder about the level of intelligence that is being processed,” he says.

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Coast Guard Comes to the Rescue of Pup in Freezing Water


Tim Putnam watched as the dog fell into the ice filled waters of Betsie Bay in Michigan. 20 minutes later he had waded his way through the ice to the dog's rescue.

Tim and the folks at the animal shelter who treated the dog for hypothermia are calling her Betsie. If no one claims her, Tim is going to adopt.

"Maybe it was just meant to be," he said.

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