Watch This Heroic Monkey Save A Dying Monkey Friend Without Any Human Help


And the Hero of the Year award goes to this little paramedic primate.
A monkey was shocked while walking on some high-tension wires above the train tracks in Kanpur, India this past weekend, rendering him unconscious.
Fortunately for him, his heroic friend (another monkey) came to his rescue.
In this video captured by onlookers, he picks up the injured monkey and tries to revive him by dipping him in water and biting his neck.
Slapping him around eventually did the trick. After dragging him to safety, he finally got up and walked away.
Nice work Hero Monkey. Hero Tortoise would approve.

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Watch As Derby the Dog Gets 3D-Printed A Pair of Prosthetics For the First Time


Using 3D printed prosthetics, Derby the dog can now walk and run for the first time in his life.

He was born with small forearms and no front paws like a furry little T-Rex, and he could only move around on soft surfaces as a result of the deformity.

So 3D Systems created some new legs for him using a 3D scanner and a multi-material 3D printer that could build both the sturdy base and comfortable rubber cups.

“He runs with Sherri and I every day, at least two to three miles,” said his owner Dom Portanova. “When I saw him sprinting like that on his new legs it was just amazing.”

Watch him in action in the video above.




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Animal of the Day: Elephant Plays in Sprinkler


Faa Sai the elephant was recently rescued from a life of labor and now lives happily at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand.

In the facebook video you can see the young pachyderm playing in a sprinkler, and then breaking said sprinkler because a beast this big needs a bigger stream, obviously.

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Orphan Sea Otter Pup Learns to Swim


Prepare for your heart to explode.
An abandoned, 5-week-old sea otter pup was recently rescued in California, fattened up at a local aquarium, and is currently undergoing rehabilitation at Shedd's Abbott Oceanarium in Chicago.
She doesn't have a name yet - their currently referring to her as "Pup 681" - but, how about we just call her "Mine."
Look at this face!

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