10K Timelapse: 80-Megapixel Camera Captures Urban Rio in Motion


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time lapse favela project

No monitor in the world can fully do justice to the amazing level of detail in this sequence, but be sure to go full screen when watching in this video, regardless, to get a taste of the possibilities. Aside from other urban subjects, the selection of a favela for one of these shots gave the photographer an opportunity to show off how a place so rich in variegated colors and textures could be displayed at various scales.


Each 80-megapixel image (frames at 10328×7760 pixels) was shot by John Capra to illustrate the capabilities of the PhaseOne IQ180 camera. These series were shot while on an assignment in Brazil to do a series of 4K and 8K timelapses, but blow even those out of the water. In the video, Capra keeps zooming in to highlight just how much one can capture and see.

screenshot at fifty percent

“I wanted to show a couple things with this demo video,” says Capra.“First, the extreme resolution of this camera (and medium format in general). Second, the amazing amount of flexibility this resolution allows for in post production. You can literally get about 8-10 solid 1920×1080 shots out of a single shot. You can also get about 5-6 solid 4K shots out of a single shot.”

screenshot brazil favela zoom

screenshot at 100 percent

favela zoom final

“Each shot was very minimally processed and included curves, input sharpening, saturation adjustments. The h264 compression really kills alot of the fine detail. No noise reduction was done on any of the shots. I tried to keep the shots as close to raw as possible so you may see some dust spots, noise, and manual exposure changes I made while shooting. For a final video edit these adjustments would be smoothed out and fixed. Normally I run shots where I manually change exposure during the shot through LRTimelapse, but unfortunately the program can’t seem to handle such huge raw files. I also had to loop some shots in order to have enough runtime to do some zooms, so you may see a jump in the footage here and there.”

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Book of Shadows: 2D Shape Cutouts Cast Silhouettes on Pages


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motion train animated example

A children’s book with an interactive twist, Motion Silhouette engages readers through pop-up pieces that require lighting to animate shadow pictures on each page.

motion train moving page

motion train other page

motion womans face page

motion butterfly shape page

The idea is to add elements of manual animation that are necessarily subjective – each person will hold, turn and highlight the cutouts in different ways.

motion animated book shadow

motion silhouete tree city

motion silhouette

Secondary readers or viewers (young kids watching over parents’ shoulders) will also have their own unique experience each time.

silhoutte book one

silhouette spider web

silhouette plant shapes

silhouette cross page

silhouette bird page

Motion Silhouette is actually a sequel to another book, simply titled Silhouette (excerpts shown above), a work which similarly uses slightly less-developed pop-up pages to create a more basic multi-dimensional experience.

motion silhouette book

From its Japanese creators, Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima: “I will begin to talk about the story and illustrations shadow falls on top of the page overlap. In this work, you can enjoy the animation of shadow phantasmagoric by you move the light. Trees and become bigger and bigger, which aims to train a distant star. Story that changes depending on the page falling shadows, shadows move around the top of the page.”

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Lucky Rainbow: Time Lapse Pics of Traffic Light Piercing Fog


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time lapse light

The right place, proper timing and a keen eye conspired to help a photographer capture this eerie nighttime phenomena at a crossroads outside of Weimar, Germany.

rainbow night light green

rainbow night light yellow

rainbow night light red

German photographer Lucas Zimmermann found and shot this intersection at each stage of the its cyclical change, capturing green, yellow and red.

rainbow light full spectrume

He also went a step beyond the sequential with one particularly impressive shot spanning the entire cycle, creating a rainbow in the mist.

rainbow light black white

His other work spans from the rural United States to the streets of Beijing, but usually focuses on people over places – this set, however, proved a worthy exception.

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Focus on Blur: Bokeh Cityscapes Celebrate Color & Light


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bokeh urban color light

Stretching and reversing conventions for balancing foreground and background, one urban photographer in Tokyo is taking the Japanese concept of Bokeh to dazzling extremes.

bokeh vertical landscape city

Bokeh (which translates as ‘blur’) plays with a lens’s circle of confusion in which points of light become glowing discs, but instead of making the background fuzzy, Takashi Kitajima unexpectedly lets the foreground become the backdrop.

bokeh blurred city street

The result seems to highlight the chaos and movement of what is closest to the viewer’s perspective in a surreal but suggestive way that indirectly resonates with our actual experience of cities.

bokeh city angled view

bokeh statue monument focus

In turn, more distant monuments, buildings and bridges on the horizon or off to one side emerge as stable anchors, contrasted with a sea of light.

bokeh zoom foreground background

The net effect is something between a photograph and a watercolor or pastel painting, a fusion of concrete realism and playful abstraction.

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Architectural Kaleidoscopes: Buildings Spun into Fractal Art


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fractal building exterior dome

Reimagined, repositioned and recomposed, this photo manipulation series turns familiar elements of buildings into abstracted compositions that morph beyond architecture, bridging disparate worlds of design and art.

fractal tower windows

Canadian photographer Cory Stevens starts with exteriors, ceilings, walls and windows, then adds his artistic twist – a variation on the polar panoramic approach.

fractal architecture glass

While pattern recognition may persist in some cases, the rotation and multiplication in many of these pieces makes them increasingly abstract.

fractal building rotation progression

The symmetry of these fractal forms begin to make us see other patterns of nature, like snowflakes or star systems, in the shapes and materials of otherwise everyday towers, monuments, habitations, town squares and civic circles.

fractal circle town square

fractal glass facade

From the photographer: “Though my primary focus is on architecture and urban environments, I also like to indulge my love of the natural landscape. Digital abstracts have also become a growing segment of my work – inspired by my passion for design and the modern aesthetic.”

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Friday the 13th is Not a Good Day for Business Cat


Friday the 13th is Not a Good Day for Business Cat


Don't be mean; BE MEME! Animal Memes is just a click away!

LoL by: Unknown (via Reddit)