Secret Spirals: Underground Home Wine Cellar Spaces


[ By Steph in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 1

High-tech looking spiral wine cellars that either blend into the floor or glow with colored lights will entice even non-oenophiles to take up collecting Cabernet. A company called Spiral Cellars offers prefabricated cellars in traditional and modern designs that can be inserted into the floor of nearly any home, even if you don’t have an existing basement or cellar.

Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 2

The water-tight, cylindrical system can store up to 1,900 bottles of wine. Because it relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation, and comes equipped with an air-flow system, it doesn’t require any power to keep the wine at a constant temperature. The system was inspired by a spiral staircase from 1844 found at the Pont du Gard aqueduct in France.

Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 3

Hidden Spiral Wine Cellars 4

Wood-paneled doors practically disappear in a wood floor, especially the recessed trap doors that can be covered in timber, engineered wood or laminate flooring to match the rest of the room. Others are made to be seen, with LED lights that make them glow like some kind of space ship portal.

Hidden Spiral Wine Cellar 5

Some of the doors are motorized, so they pop up at the press of a button. A retractable round glass trap door features two semi-circular glass panels that swivel over each other to open. Craving wine yet?

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Fantastic Floor Coverings: 13 Unusual Rug Designs


[ By Steph in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

Rugs are more than just a soft, sound-dampening covering for bare floors. They’re a chance to make a design statement and, in the words of The Dude, “really tie the room together.” These 13 modern rug designs eschew the same old traditional Oriental designs in favor of topographic maps, puzzle pieces, crystals, cut-outs and the shapes of internal organs.

Wooden Carpet by Elisa Stroyzk

(images via:

While the hard surface of wood isn’t exactly a typical material for carpeting, Elisa Stroyzk’s design retains a warmth and coziness with laser-cut geometric pieces that are bonded to a textile backing. “The project “wooden textiles” intends to look at the material wood in a new way. Geometric wooden pieces compose a flexible surface which can perform in different three-dimensional shapes. The material ranges between hard and soft, parquet and carpet, blurring relationships between furniture and textiles.”

Cell Rug by Lama

(images via: lamaconcept)

In contrast, this rug by Lama is so soft and squishable you’ll want to examine it up close. Made up of foam channels stitched together, the rug even features built-in LED lights.

DIA Cutout Rugs

(images via: iqmatics)

Laser-cut rugs with complex patterns by Magdalena Lubinska and Michal Kopaniszyn add padding and interesting patterns to the floor, looking a bit like giant modernized doilies.

Redeploy Rug by Rebekah Rauser

(images via: rauser design)

Temptingly tactile, the Redeploy Rug by Rebekah Rauser is constructed out of wool blankets, which are stitched together and stuffed with a wool blend.

Bandage Rug by Richard Garza Marcos

(images via:

Cover wounds and imperfections in your floor with the Bandage Rug by Richard Garza Marcos.

Flat Surgery by Mathieu Lehanneur

(images via: mathieu lehanneur)

Delicate internal organs are not only put where we can see them, but where we can step on them, too, in this collection of rugs by Mathieu Lehanneur. The designer says, “The human body in radical mode – ‘Flat surgery’ plays with our vital organs to compose motifs and messages. These are rugs to map out habitat: digestive system in the dining room, brain in the office, genitalia in the bedroom…”

Clouds by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

(images via:

This strange modular textile can be used as a blanket, a wall covering, a rug or a room divider. ““The point of Clouds is that we do not have to replace all of the things that are already in our homes. Clouds is an extra and new element that provides the opportunity for personalised design where individuals are the architect, designer and workman. The ingenious click system, combined with a couple of simple screws and strings makes it possible to create anything from a wall to a specific figure and expression to fit one’s taste. Clouds enables all imaginable uses, as it can be hung on walls or from the ceiling, placed on the floor or add colourful liveliness to railings and stairs. In other words, Clouds represents a new typology, or a new interpretation of the use of textiles.”

Dark Side of the Moon Rug by Martin Mostböck for Vorwerk

(images via:

Inspired by humanity’s fascination with the moon throughout the ages, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is a rug perforated with laser-cut circles resembling craters.

Playing with Tradition Rug by Richard Hutton

(images via: object rotterdam)

If you spun a circular traditional rug really fast, it would probably blur until it looked like the Playing with Tradition Rug by Richard Hutton. Says Hutton, “The idea behind the carpet was to build a bridge between the old and the new, east meets west. From this starting point I looked at various ways to give a reinterpretation.”

Raining Lights Crystal-Embedded Rug

(images via:

20,000 of the finest Swarovski Elements crystals add shimmer and sparkle to a dark silk rug made by SAHRAI and displayed at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The crystals are concentrated on one side to give the appearance of falling rain.

Landcarpet by Florian Pucher

(images via: behance)

This unique rug by Florian Pucher is a map of Hong Kong as seen from above. It even has a raised topographical design that enables you to feel the geographical variations of the region with the bottom of your feet.

Rug with Scale by Kwon Sunman

(images via: yanko design)

This rug won’t let you avoid the number on the scale – it has one built in, displaying your present, past and goal weights.

A Persian Puzzle by Katrin Sonnleitner

(images via: yanko design)

Put a rug together in the exact colors, patterns, shapes and sizes that you want with completely customizable puzzle rugs by Katrin Sonnleitner. The rug is made from cut pieces of recycled, natural and synthetic rubber.

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Wallbots: Robotic Walls Automatically Reconfigure Rooms

[ By Steph in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

In the future, will our environments constantly change around us according to the weather and our whims, without us having to lift a finger? If ‘Wallbots’ are any indication, the homes of the future might be even more adaptable than we imagined. This concept by architect and technologist Otto Ng is a mobile wall system that reconfigures itself based on real-time information.

Developed at the University of Toronto’s RAD (Responsive Architecture at Daniels), the Wallbots system is a set of ‘architectural intelligent agents’ that change spatial boundaries in a room based on weather data as well as a home’s inhabitants’ social networking and behaviors.

Each individual wallbot is equipped with electronic and kinetic systems that enable it to stretch itself from 1 meter to 1.5 meters in width by expanding its origami skin and kinetic skeleton. Free of tracks or other limitations, the walls move around the interior of a space on wheels. The Wallbots can attach to each other using electromagnetic mechanisms with infra-red positioning feedback, forming longer walls.

“Learning from scientific research in collective intelligence, WALLBOTS perform in swarm condition and communicate among themselves wirelessly. Through a feedback loop, WALLBOTS also analyze their previous experience and learn to do better configuration design for new scenarios.”

Learn more and see other projects by Otto Ng at

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Team Eames: New Movie Shows Off Timeless Architect & Painter

[ By Steph in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

You know what an Eames chair is, even if you didn’t know its name – an iconic modern classic still seen in the most stylish of homes, hotels, restaurants and offices all over the world over 60 years after it was first produced. And even if you’re an Eames devotee, lusting over the clean lines and sharp silhouettes of Eames products at the Herman Miller Collection, you may not know much about the designers – Charles and Ray Eames. The documentary ‘Eames – The Architect and the Painter’ examines the duo’s legacy.

Often thought to be brothers because of their names, Charles and Ray Eames were actually a married couple consisting of an architect and a painter. Best known for their mid-century plywood and fiberglass furniture, the Eames Office actually produced a surprising variety of products including games, films, toys and even splints for wounded military during World War II.

Though the pair collaborated on virtually every aspect of their designs, it was Charles Eames’ name that went on each product, and that is still most associated with the brand today. As a woman in the 1950s and ’60s, Ray was often pushed into the sidelines.

Narrated by James Franco, ‘Eames – The Architect and the Painter’ sheds light on this creative duo, telling us about their lives, their work and how their motto – ‘the best for the least and for the most’ has affected modern American design. The film debuted at the IFC Center in New York City in November 2011 and is now available on DVD.

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Give Me Space! 24 Compact Innovations For More Elbow Room

[ By Marc in Furniture & Interiors. ]

As the urban landscape expands upward and outward, and space becomes an increasingly pricey commodity, stylistic compromises have to be made… or do they? Beautiful furniture designs are cropping up out of the need to save space.

(Images via homedesignhouse, nabuzz, yankodesign, nabuzz)

Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger’s Biombo Chairs turn from simple room dividers into fully functioning chairs for guests. Some creative interior designers came up with a nifty idea to create a living room that can be shifted around at a moment’s notice. Michael Jantzen created an incredible pavilion (called M-house) that can fold and unfold in a thousand different combinations.

(Images via inhabitat, freshgizmos, metrogeekologie)

MIT’s CityCar is an experiment in the future of city transport. Designer Daniel Bailey went a step further when he created the BRB Evolution concept car to tackle the lack of space in future cities, while keeping the cars cool. Ever tried to get a bike into a car? Anyone who says “yes” knows that the wheels are the biggest problem. No longer! Inventor Duncan Fitzimmons has designed a wheel that is strong enough to support a rider, but can collapse into almost nothing.

(Images via furnituresite, techdigest, designboom, thedesignerpad)

Stack those chairs away for another day! Bloomframe is a window that can turn into a fully-functioning balcony at the touch of a button. Need a small office? Kruikantoor by Tim Vinke is an entire office that can be carted anywhere. With a simple twist, the One Shot by MGX turns from a side table into something the size of a folded up umbrella.

(Images via yaraticitasarimlar, dornobyaraticitasarimlar)

Ready to move? Simply let this accordion bookshelf collapse down on itself. For everyday use, Eeva Lithovius created incredibly handy modular shelves that look great folded up, or down, and can accommodate nearly any mix of books or odds & ends. There are some variations on this design, such as a lengthy set of shelves made entirely of folding rods.

(Images via uuldesign, mygardenpatio, overfree-4all, patiooutdoorfurniture)

Yoann Design’s Codex collection has a wild aesthetic, with gorgeous patio furniture that can also be put away at a moment’s notice. A small table for two that would be super handy for a quick picnic outside. Sun? No sun? An adjustable canopy is a must during the summer. Most of the time picnic tables are not in use, so save valuable backyard space with a table that can fold up and be placed into a shed.

(Images via jakephipps, nils-frederking, inewidea, brainstreamidea)

Designer Jake Phipps came up with a sleek black chair that can fit anywhere and Nils Frederking follows suit with a table that twirls into almost nothing. Ufuk Keskin has created a chair that can be hung on the wall, while Brainstream Design realized that a table is typically one of the largest pieces of furniture, so why not dream small with something big?

(Images via homedit, momoge, inhabitat)

Designer Mr. Simon has created a gorgeous space saver with his sideways accordion director’s chairs. Reinier De Jong’s accordion chair may not be the most comfortable piece of furniture, but it’s definitely space-saving. That’s what cushions are for, right? Ming Tang has taken the concept to another level, by coming up with the concept for entire structures that can fold in on themselves. Made out of durable bamboo, they could serve as temporary shelters during emergencies.

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IKEA Culture: 20 Fanatical Fan Ads, Art & Design

[ By Steph in Architecture & Design & Furniture & Interiors. ]

The purveyors of cheap-and-cheerful modern Scandinavian home goods have plied us with their glossy catalogs and Swedish meatballs, and we have responded with wide-eyed devotion. We flock to IKEA warehouse stores en-masse. We marvel at products with unpronounceable names. The most obsessed IKEA fans create fan art, write songs, beg to sleep there overnight and even get married at their stores. IKEA’s confusing instructions, unstable assembly jobs and miraculously efficient tiny spaces have inspired tributes both sincere and satirical.

IKEA Stonehenge Infographic

(image via: design boom)

Wondering, like the rest of the world, just how Stonehenge was built? Let IKEA help you out with some instructions that make the whole process no less of a head-scratching mystery than the monument itself. These satirical diagrams by Justin Pollard, Stevyn Colgan and John Lloyd require 10,000 laborers, hundreds of stones and alcoholic beverages (so that you can cope with the frustration.) Additionally, they note “If plagued by demons or suffering from pestilence, seek advice from a druid before attempting assembly.” Said druid will apparently conjure some giants to helpfully slide the monoliths in place. See the full illustrations at Design Boom.

Sci-Fi IKEA Manuals

(image via: design milk)

Want to make your own dinosaur? IKEA’s instructions dictate a material list of test tubes, syringes, special shaving cream cans, $15 million dollars, thousands of cows and a few of those handy (?) Z-shaped Allen keys. This set of sci-fi IKEA manuals will also tell you how to build your own light saber and time-traveling DeLorean.

Un-IKEA: Custom Furniture by Kenyon Yeh

(images via: trendland)

Maybe you should just ignore those instructions and use the components inside that flat-pack box to create your own Franken-IKEA design. That’s what Kenyon Yeh did for this series, putting the wood pieces together any way he felt like it and adding colorful legs. The result looks a bit like a Pixar movie set in IKEA’s warehouse, wherein all of the furniture sprouts legs and comes to life.

Oops. Help! Ads Promoting IKEA’s Assembly Department

(images via: scdesigncreative)

These hilarious images of IKEA assembly gone wrong aren’t satirical critiques of the mega-store. They’re actually real ads from IKEA Germany. The self-aware series has various furniture items spelling out the words ‘Shit’, ‘Oops’ and ‘Help’ in a bid to promote the furniture retailer’s assembly department.

Page 23: The Tragic Real Lives Behind IKEA Perfection

(images via: pagina 23)

Any fan of the movie Fight Club has never looked at IKEA catalogs quite the same way as the rest of the population. With the glossy perfection of each photographed interior comes the insinuation that a home full of these products will bring happiness. A short independent film called Page 23 delves into the murky depths of reality hidden by the bright and cheerful facade. “Advertisements usually display unruffled domestic happiness. But, as we will see in Page 23, this world looks too good to be true. Behind the beaming smile of fashion models loom adultery and the stifling daily routine.”

IKEA in Song by Jonathan Coulton

(images via: you tube)

Songwriter Jonathan Coulton wrote an ode to IKEA, telling a fictional account of the store’s birth that involves the Norse god Thor and a bunch of vikings. “IKEA: Just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen.”

How IKEA Creates New Products: A Chart by Cracked

(images via: cracked)

How does IKEA come up with the ideas for all of those oddly-named household items, anyway? Cracked has the whole process from concept to store shelves, including choosing a sort-of-authentically-Swedish-sounding-name and forcing consumers to go into a dreary underground dungeon to retrieve it.

IKEA Coffins, Children & Cars

(images via: dornob)

What if IKEA sold Volvos? Build-your-own-bomb kits? Instructions for assembling babies? These funny parodies of IKEA instructions imagine all sorts of things that the store could assist us with producing in a nightmarish alternate reality. One cartoon, by Mike Sacks and Julian Sancton, even shows how IKEA could help you orchestrate your own suicide, with the leftover parts from your self-built coffin used to build a shoddy cross for your grave site.

IDEA by Escher

(images via: rock paper cynic)

Comic site Rock, Paper, Cynic combines two creators of impossible constructions in one brilliant illustration. ‘IDEA by Escher’ turns a few of MC Escher’s mathematically-inspired explorations of infinity into IKEA products. ‘Warning: This product may collapse reality as you know it.’

What If You Lived at IKEA? By Christian Gideon

(images via: christian gideon photography)

Photographer Christian Gideon explores the question, ‘What if you lived at IKEA?’ in a spontaneous shoot that turned the store’s pristine whole-room displays into real temporary living spaces, guerrilla-style. Gideon shot his models pretending to shower, sleep, cook and gaze fondly at stock photography families in various IKEA environments.

PI-kea Bot on Futurama

(image via: you tube)

Maybe in the future, IKEA will still be making ‘Affordable Swedish Crap’ like Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth’s SuperCollider. In this episode of Futurama, the ‘Pi-kea robot’ makes a special delivery of some high-tech equipment and the assembly process is exactly what you would expect.

IKEA Facebook Fan Sleepover

(images via: digital buzz blog)

Some people love IKEA so much, they want to stay there overnight. Seriously. IKEA sanctioned a Facebook Fan Sleepover for 100 people at the Essex IKEA store. They even showed a movie and offered massages and manicures. Contest winners who attended the sleepover chose their own bed linens to use for the night. and take home. The event was created after officials at the store stumbled upon a Facebook group called ‘I Wanna Have a Sleepover in IKEA’ on Facebook.

First-Ever Wedding in an IKEA

It’s not art or design, but this is definitely the ultimate expression of IKEA fandom. Two self-professed ‘superfans’ became the first couple to ever get married inside an IKEA store. The Maryland couple went on a date at the College Park store, and exactly two years later, they returned to exchange vows. IKEA allowed them to use the space at no charge. See photos at WTOP.

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Wild Wallpaper: Interactive Decor You Can Rip & Color

[ By Delana in Architecture & Design & Furniture & Interiors & Graffiti & Drawing. ]

Installing new wallpaper is typically one of the less enjoyable home improvement tasks one can engage in. No matter how great it looks when it’s done, the actual installation is a big pain. Not so with the Tears Off wallpaper from design studio ZNAK. The paper contains pre-cut patterns that only reveal themselves once you start getting a little destructive.

(all images via: Design Milk)

After hanging the wallpaper, you create custom patterns by peeling off pre-cut segments. You may peel in an orderly pattern for a more refined look, or simply go crazy and peel randomly for a spontaneous work of decorating art.

Different and delightful patterns can be created by simply altering the colors of the wall or the wallpaper itself – or both. There are no rules where this innovative design tool is concerned.

Interlocking modular sheets ensure that installation is a snap, but the real fun starts after the sheets are all stuck to the wall. Then you begin peeling off segments to create interesting geometric patterns with the negative and positive spaces. A sheet of pattern ideas is included with the wallpaper to help jog the imagination.

A designer touch can be achieved simply by applying the paper to a small section of a room rather than the entire room. Accent walls can handle bold patterns and bright colors, both of which can be easily achieved with the Tears Off wallpaper, a little painting, and a little peeling.

Parents of little ones can even incorporate their kids’ unique art into the wallpaper design. After hanging the paper, simply let the kids paint to their hearts’ content and then peel segments away to reveal one-of-a-kind personalized wallpaper.

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[ By Delana in Architecture & Design & Furniture & Interiors & Graffiti & Drawing. ]

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Origin III: Minimalist Furniture Inspired by Boat-Building

[ By Steph in Architecture & Design & Furniture & Interiors. ]

Simple and elegant, the Origin III series by designers BCXSY is made up of interlocking wooden shapes that come together into minimalist furniture that can easily be disassembled for transport and storage. The series, which also includes fruit bowls and serving trays, was inspired by boat-building techniques.

The designers, Boaz Cohen and Sakaya Yamamoto, worked on the project during an artist’s residency at the Meitheal Mara boat-building culture and education center in Cork, Ireland. Taking cues from the steam-bending, joinery methods and clamps that are traditionally used to shape and assemble boats, the duo have translated these skills into practical applications for the modern home.

Origin III is the third installment of BCXSY’s series of projects in which they have worked with local craftspeople to learn from their traditions. They previously presented rugs woven by Bedouin women, and wooden screens made with the help of a Japanese joinery craftsman. See more of their work at Dezeen.

“The boat-building techniques we have witnessed at Meitheal Mara were very different from the traditional artistry we have worked with in the past – they utilize rougher, unrefined and simple methods, while being strikingly efficient,” the designers told Dezeen. “Observing their work we were fascinated by how almost magically, in a matter of a few days, a vessel can be constructed which allows people to travel on the water.”

“For the Fruit Bowls we have used shorter and wider planks of freshly cut Ash. Two long cuts make it possible to bend and twist the surface until the final form is achieved and fixed by using copper nails and roves. The white painted parts are a reference to the water line painted on the boats.”

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[ By Steph in Architecture & Design & Furniture & Interiors. ]

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Hip Potty Musts: 15 Concept Designer Toilet Brushes

[ By Steve in Architecture & Design & Furniture & Interiors & Gadgets & Geek Art. ]

From the outhouse to the White House, the best toilet brushes never bristle when it comes to cleaning the latrine. Combining carefully engineered ergonomics and sometimes surprising style to produce spotless results where it counts the most, these 15 concept designer toilet brushes won’t drop the ball when you drop a deuce.

Ballo “Dancing” Toilet Brush

(images via: Normann Copenhagen)

The Ballo Toilet Brush was designed for Normann Copenhagen by Jozeph Forakis, an alumnus of Domus Academy in Milan and the Rhode Island School of Design. As the latter was where the members of Talking Heads first met, it’s really no surprise Ballo (which means “dancing” in Italian) merrily wobbles around the bathroom thanks to its atypically rounded base. Big suit not included.

(image via: Spotted By)

“Ballo is a different, amusing and happy toilet brush,” states Forakis, who’s undoubtedly the first to describe a toilet brush as being happy. Forakis goes on to describe Ballo as “a funny but functional product that creates pleasure and gives an experience in people’s daily lives.” Having a toilet brush & holder dance around the bathroom whilst one answers the call of nature would be a very special experience indeed.

Skull Head Toilet Brush Set

(images via: Pirates N Plunder, Nerd Approved and Jezebel)

You don’t have to be One-Eyed Willie to own the Skull Head Toilet Brush Set but no Goonie geek worth his doubloons would be caught without one. The set includes a “life sized skull” and the matching handle (topped with a voodoo-mini-skull) detaches so replacing a worn-out toilet brush is as easy as plundering an unarmed merchant frigate. Arrr, scrub those decks AND the toilet, ye scurvy dog!

Pinocchio Toilet Brush

(images via: E-Goods/Rakuten)

Pants on fire? Yes please! Pinocchio must’ve really told a whopper to get himself in this sort of fix. Designed with a red, blue or green hat for a base, the Pinocchio Toilet Brush “nose” just what to do when unsightly stains rear their ugly head… and that’s the truth.

(image via: Daily Home Tips)

Anthropomorphic products are appealing to some, off-putting to others and the Pinocchio Toilet Brush is definitely one of those love-it-or-hate-it items. “If there is such a cute restroom brush,” suggests the sales copy at the Japanese product page, “the cleaning seems to become fun.” Oh really? Methinks some noses may be growing at a certain ad agency.

Clean as a Whistle Bathroom Brush

(images via: ModCloth and Trend de la Creme)

The Clean as a Whistle Bathroom Brush adds a dash of pastoral charm to any bathroom. Modeled after a songbird sitting prettily on a tree branch, the design employs a second faux branch to act as a hanger for the handle thus suspending the toilet brush and keeping the brush head high & dry. Ideal for those social media addicts (and you know who you are) who can’t resist “tweeting” anywhere and anytime.

FRAGILE Toilette Brush

(images via: Selectism and Yatzer)

One doesn’t usually associate bathroom cleaning supplies with fine wine but Antonio Gardoni isn’t your usual designer. His FRAGILE Toilette Brush cleverly masks a functional toilet brush within a plastic shell modeled after an upside-down wine glass. Of course, should you overindulge on the bubbly and find yourself driving the porcelain bus, a wine glass is probably the LAST thing you want to see.

(image via: Yatzer)

FRAGILE is one of Gardoni’s “5 Collection”, designed to “transform an ordinary bathroom ‘visit’ into an unforgettable experience!” Fine, but what if you’re drinking to forget?

Istanbul WC Brush Holder

(images via: Stylepark, Mat and Me and First Bathrooms)

The Istanbul (not Constantinople) WC Brush Holder is one heavy hitter: 4.13kg or 9.1 pounds to be exact. Designed by London-based industrial designer Ross Lovegrove for the Turkish brand VITRA, the WC Brush Holder exhibits a smooth, rounded shape that works well with today’s organic inspired appliances.

KaKaK Toilet Brush

(images via: An Ad a Day)

There’s not much that can be said about the KaKaK Toilet Brush besides the fact it was designed in 2012 by Jordi Pla of Jordi Pla Studio S.L for Homewood International of Taiwan. Then again, one might say the design speaks for itself and any description would be redundant… not to mention repugnant.

(images via: Behance)

The KaKaK Toilet Brush comes in your choice of black, white, blue, pink and brown (of course). Made from molded polypropylene, the in-your-face design makes sure you make no mistake when fumbling for your toothbrush after not getting enough sleep the previous night.

Mahogany Skittle Brush

(images via: HGTV)

Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama exercises her creative muse by repurposing wood. The Skittle Brush is just one example. Named and designed after Skittles, the old European sport ancestral to bowling, this sleek and slender organically curved toilet brush allows you to strike and stains, sparing no messes.

Alessi Merdolino Toilet Brush

(images via: 4M and

We’re not sure if it’s intentional or not but the Merdolino Toilet Brush from Alessi seems to be named after “merde”, the French word for poop. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni in 1993, Merdolino turns the humble toilet brush from a utilitarian object to a decorative accessory.

(image via: DesignBoom)

A subtle variation on Merdolino sees the budding branch replaced by a slender Saguaro. Now if only they could replace the brush head’s bristles with real cactus thorns. Mesquiteolino, anyone?

Rock Star Toilet Brush Holder

(image via: Pioneer Linens)

Those “pot of gold” jokes you’ve been saving up? Let ‘em rip, ’cause the $525 Rock Star Toilet Brush Holder has entered the building! Designer Windisch Nameek plated an otherwise unremarkable toilet brush handle and cylindrical holder in 24-karat gold for the very commonsensical reason that pure gold won’t corrode, pit or tarnish. Which raises the question… if you can afford $525 for a freakin’ toilet brush, why not just gold-plate your toilet so you’ll never need to use one?

Afro Collection Toilet Brushes

(images via: DesignBoom)

Gumption Design is based in Thailand, and that’s as far as we’ll go lest Spike Lee sees these so-called Afro Brushes and fires off another errant tweet. According to GD’s sales copy, what we have here is “a brush with a 70s afro look, the handle of the brush is in the form of a cool ‘hippy’” See, only cool hippies need be offended.

(image via: DesignBoom)

If you can get past the, ahem, distinctive design of the handle, what you’ve got here is a fun & funky… no, that’s not right. OK, these day-glo plastic psychedelic toilet brushes add a little color… forget it, we give up, gonna quit while we’re a head. Doh!

Kleinkindsichere WC-Bürste

(images via: Tchibo)

Also known as the Child-Proof Toilet Brush, the Kleinkindsichere WC-Bürste is an idea whose time has come – just like curious toddlers who can come into any room at any time and get into a heapin’ helpin’ of toilet brush-related trouble. Then there are the dogs who see “toilet brush” and think “big white bone!” German designer Peter Praktisch has a solution, one that will be very familiar to anyone who’s tried to remove a child-proof cap off a bottle of pills. Of course, if you have trouble with those than your bathroom will reflect it.

WC7 Electric Toilet Brush

(images via: Design Spotter and Castiglione/Morelli Design)

Does your toilet’s criminally encrusted condition call for a special kind of cleaning agent? Then call on WC7, the electric toilet brush whose orders are “shoot to clean.” Designed by Francesco Castiglione Morelli with Annamaria Carelli, this is one polishing potty pistol that will leave even the most evilly stained commode shaken AND stirred. Lock (the bathroom door) and load!

(images via: Castiglione/Morelli Design)

The WC7 packs a pair of AA batteries in the brush’s handle. Once installed, take careful aim and pull the trigger… the spinning brush head will eradicate those stains faster than Don Corleone erases his competition. Now there’s an offer nobody can refuse.

DIY Self-Disinfecting Toilet Brush

(images via: MAKE Projects)

Designer toilet brush? Why ask why when you can DIY! The clever lads at MAKE Projects combined a classic barbershop glass Barbasol container with a standard toilet brush to create this awesome self-disinfecting toilet brush & holder that ends up being much more than just the sum of its parts. Er, you might not want to store your combs in there once it’s been re-purposed and used, though.

THE Toilet Brush

(images via: Gigazine)

It takes a pair of big brass ones to dub your new toilet brush “Toilet Brush,” as if any and all other such devices are suddenly, hopelessly irrelevant, and Japanese housewares company Marna seems to have ‘em. Their new & improved product has been re-designed from handle to holder to be THE best toilet brush EVAR… and give Marna some credit for not calling it that.

(images via: Gigazine)

How does Marna know their brand new Toilet Brush will please their target market of finicky Japanese housewives? They asked them, of course: the company brought in 200 average housewives and asked them how the humble toilet brush could be improved. It was a smart move and besides, who’s gonna tell 200 housewives they’re wrong?

(image via: Gigazine)

Suggestions ranged from incising grooves on the handle to help secure the grip, using both hard and soft bristles on the brush, and engineering a floating holder design that keeps the brush head high & dry between uses. Now if only they could re-design the toilet itself so toilet brushes aren’t necessary, suggested one Marna employee just before he was, er, canned.

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Living Room Nightmares: 33 Horrifying Pieces of Furniture

[ By Marc in Furniture & Interiors & Gadgets & Geek Art. ]

Furniture taste is a variable thing, but there’s no denying that these pieces are weird. Avant-garde, modern, and just downright painful, this furniture is not for the faint of couch.

(Images via godotit, decorationtricks, technabob, furniture-care)

These pieces seem to belong more in a museum than a living room. Defying expectations of what furniture should look like, and still managing to be aesthetically interesting is an admirable feat.

(Images via visiondecor, coolsfurnitures, yourdecoratinghotline, design-crisis)

This is what happens when people wear their thinking cap too long. Creativity leaves the realm of the cool into something much stranger.

(Images via, dezeen, 2dorks, dreemzology)

There’s no denying that these items would spice up one’s decor. There is some denying that it would improve it…

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These are examples of how to truly anthropomorphize furniture; with some terrifying results.

(Images via yankodesign, pichaus, coolbuzz, yankodesign)

This furniture looks absolutely painful. Several of them were made for a gallery exhibition, but some of them were not. Half the fun is figuring out which is which!

(Images via pipocaglobal, inspirefirst, homeize)

There is plenty of room for creativity in furniture, but this typically requires that functionality be maintained, and that users can figure out how to use it.

(Images via introverticalillusion, introverticalillusion, planetoddity)

A bit of industrial engineering with explosive results. Here are some examples of what to do with the defused naval mines sitting in grandma’s attic.

(Images via dumage, dumage, 4interior-design, vyperlook, casasugar)

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