Residential Rollercoaster: Buyers Ride Through House for Sale


[ By Steph in Design & Guerilla Ads & Marketing. ]

roller coaster ride 5

Perhaps ‘roller coaster ride’ isn’t the most desirable term that a seller would want potential buyers using to describe the property they’re showing, but in this case, it might not be such a bad thing. Dutch brokerage firm Verder Met Wonen literally takes prospective residents on a ride through the home on a specially-installed roller coaster in single-rider wooden cars.


house rollercoaster 1

The ride starts in the driveway, descending into the basement and then hoisting viewers up the stairs to see the first level.  It then rises to the second floor, winds through the bedrooms and plummets out an upper window into the backyard.

house rollercoaster 2

house rollercoaster 3

house rollercoaster 4

A 90-second promotional clip gives us a glimpse at the journey, even if we can’t take it ourselves. No word on whether the stunt has helped the home’s chances of selling, and it’s certainly not giving prospective buyers a lot of time to mull over each space, but it’s certainly getting the firm some attention.

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[ By Steph in Design & Guerilla Ads & Marketing. ]

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