Climbing Wall Treadmill: Exercise Machine Rocks Your House


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rock wall interior rotating

Far more exciting than a walking treadmill or elliptical machine, this infinite rock wall brings the challenges (and hard exercise) of scaling sheer cliffs right into your local gym or living room.

rock extreme tilt example

The Climbstation can be rotated between a slope of 15 degrees and negative 49 degrees, simulating everything from relatively generous slopes or dizzying upside-down climbing experiences.

rock wall climber demo

The device can also rotate through different slopes, speeds and durations on demand, in response to programmatic difficulty levels or in a pre-selected sequence. As in typical bouldering rooms at climbing wall centers, a mat placed below the device will cushion any fall.

rock wall slope tilt

rock wall example treadmill

Between climbs, users can swap out 90 holds that come with each machine between 600 potential positions, dynamically changing the landscape from one session to the next to keep things interesting and challenging.

rock climbing treadmill diagram

rock wall gym version

The mid-five-figure price tag will be enough to put off casual users, but could also be sufficiently low for these to start showing up not just at the homes of the rich and famous but also at regional fitness centers – a great way for recreational climbers or professionals located far from mountains to train or simply stay in shape.

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Domestic Daredevils: 12 Insanely Cool Home Climbing Walls


[ By Steph in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

Climbing Walls main

When the mountains are too far away and you don’t feel like going to the gym, you can always scale the walls of your living room or bedroom – if you’ve got one of these 12 amazing indoor climbing walls installed in your home. Ranging from the modest and colorfully modern to 36-foot rugged rock walls mimicking natural boulders, these residential climbing walls will give you something to do when you’re tired of watching television.

3 Way House by Naf Architect

Climbing Walls 3 Way House

A climbing wall offers alternative access to the roof terrace from the first floor, for athletic people who are tired of taking the stairs. Designed by Japanese studio Naf Architect & Design, the 3 Way House in Tokyo turns the climbing wall into a main visual component of the home by placing it in a glassed interior courtyard visible from many rooms.

Modern Indoor Climbing Wall in Tokyo

Climbing Walls Moon Design

The ‘Outdoors Indoors’ house by Be-Fun design + EANA in Tokyo features a large indoor climbing wall that hovers over the communal area of the home, ascending into a wood-lined ‘cavern.’

Spiral Slide from Pirate Ship to Climbing Cave

Climbing Walls Pirate Ship 1

Climbing Walls Pirate Ship 2

Climb down from an elevated pirate ship replica via drawbridge and head to the mudroom to plunge yourself down a secret spiral slide that will take you all the way down to the ‘climbing cave’ adjacent to a golf simulator room. This house looks insanely fun for kids of all ages.

Yellowstone Club Residence by Krannitz Gehl

Climbing Walls Krannitz Yellowstone 1

Climbing Walls Krannitz Yellowstone 2

Paying tribute both to the rustic traditional cabins of Montana and the state’s rugged beauty, the Yellowstone Club Residence by Krannitz Gehl features a large glass window to maximize views and sun exposure, right next to a large climbing wall. The arrangement almost gives climbers a sense of being outside.

Indoor Treehouse Playroom by Gabriel Builders

Climbing Walls Gabriel Builders

Some lucky little kids got an indoor treehouse with their own private miniature climbing wall in this residential project by Gabriel Builders.

House in Izumi-Ohmiya by Tato Architects

Climbing Walls Izumi

A converted warehouse in Osaka by Tato Architects features a double-height living and dining rom with a ladder providing a shortcut to and from the master bedroom. Designed for an active young couple who like ‘bouldering’, a kind of free climbing, the home also features a small climbing wall.

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