Arcatecture: 12 Cat Homes Created by Architects for Charity


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space international cat home

Raising funds for an feline-focused area non-profit group, these architect-designed cat dwellings span the spectrum from adventure spaces to cozy nooks for your furry friends to explore or sleep within. If you also enjoy supporting canines, it is well worth checking out these 14 architect-designed doghouses likewise built to support a charitable purpose.

hok cat house

dsh architecture cat house

lehrer architects cat home

With proceeds going to FixNation, the Giving Shelter fundraiser (with photographer Grey Crawford) drew an impressive array for architects, firms and designers, including RNL, NAC, DSH, HOK, Wolcott, Lehrer, Space Int’l, Formation Association, Perkins + Wil, and Standard Architecture and Design.

standard architecture cat house

standard architecture modular concrete wood

With tunnels, tubes, ramps and platforms from wood, metal, fake grass and the materials used to make scratching posts, participating designers showed off the huge range of possibilities for catering to domestic cats, in some cases integrating elements of human functionality (with pieces doubling as furniture) as well.

nace cat house design

nace cat tunnel homes

Their robust materiality and construction is intended to make the shelters able to be placed outdoors. More photos from the live benefit can be found via Fixnation and Flickr.

rnl architecture cat house

perkins wil cat house

Architects for Animals “Giving Shelter” is an awareness raising initiative. “The one-night event in Los Angeles benefitted FixNation, a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping community cats in need. Participating architectural design firms designed, built, and donated creative outdoor shelters.”

formation association cat house

formation association cat bench

“These shelters were on display to the public at a one night event at the Herman Miller Showroom in Culver City. FixNation and Architects for Animals offered this unique exhibit and cocktail reception that combines the love of architecture with the love of animals. Attendees enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and wine from the open bar while viewing the original shelter designs.”

space international dynamic cat

space international cat seat

More on the non-profit benefiting from the series: “FixNation is a non-profit organization committed to cats, and to supporting Trap-Neuter-Return. We provide a free, full-time spay/neuter clinic for cats with two full-time veterinarians capable of sterilizing as many as 100 cats per day. We also provide low-cost, affordable spay/neuter services for tame pet cats. We loan out humane traps and equipment to the public free of charge, provide training on how to humanely trap feral cats and kittens, and offer guidance and information on long-term care and management for feral colonies. We are located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and have been operational as a non-profit since 2007.”

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3D Cat Furniture Set: Modular Hangouts for Walls & Ceilings


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cat interior room design

Furnishings for felines are nothing new, but this one-stop shop provides modular bridges, beds, posts and platforms designed as a kit-of-parts solution to turn any room into a cat’s personalized paradise.

cat lounge furniture system

cat ceiling hung bed

Goldtatze boasts ground-up scratching posts but also wall-hanging walkways and ceiling-mounted spaces to allow cats full access both horizontally and vertically, while conveniently leaving room below and between for human companions (especially useful in small-space urban dwellings).

cat furniture various designs

cat interactive furnishing set

cat ceiling snuggle basket

Designer and craftsman Stefan Hofmann set about to solve a problem for his own domestic best friend (an indoor-only cat) and went on to create solutions that could be deployed beyond his own home.

cat sky suspension bridge

cat hanging aerial walkways

By breaking the system down into a series of individual pieces, the effect is much like that of visiting an IKEA store – the parts are made to be structurally and functionally autonomous, but also to mix and match in custom configurations.

cat wall mounted platforms

cat scratch tree post

From scratching posts to snuggle bowls, the resulting furnishings and fixtures play on feline favorites like boxes and baskets, providing all kinds of places to explore or simply curl up and observe surroundings (from a safe, secure and self-selected distance, of course).

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