Urban Melodies: Multiple-Exposure Street Scenes Remix Cities


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urban paris metro

Capturing the cacophony of urban life, this series of superimposed photographs renders local phenomena, regional monuments and international architecture in a strangely compelling style.

urban berlin street

urban times square

urban central park

Alessio Trerotoli‘s work has taken him to Rome, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York and other world cities, sometimes shooting in subways or side streets and other times photographing iconic settings.

urban abstract berlin

urban subway system

urban side street

Each image is comprised of multiple exposures in the same location, creating a layered effect that reflects a sense of movement despite the images themselves remaining technically static.

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Senior Citizen Street Art: Young Graffiti Artists Teach Elders


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elderly street art stencil

In an effort to democratize both the creation and appreciation of urban graffiti, a group of young street artists in Lisbon, Portugal, is teaching retirees how to create their own stencils and tags.

elderly spray paint woman

street art mural artist

LATA 65 (lata meaning ‘can’ in Portugese) has so far introduced 100 aging participants to the art of spray painting and student work is already popping up in the form of tags and murals brightening up buildings and walls around town.

street artist student group

street artist working happy

street art aging artists

Led by veteran street artists, this gang of older students is learning not just how to create art but also about the history of the form, providing them not just with tools and techniques but cultural context for their studies as well.

street art teaching students

street artist group gang

street art bright mural

Their efforts are primarily being put toward enlivening dilapidated areas in need of fresh interventions and additional attention. Underlying the artwork itself, however, is a philosophy of bridging generational gaps and bringing new perspectives to a mode of expression typically associated with youth culture.

street art on wall

street artists in lisbon

street artist wall painting

While the elderly students are so far following the footsteps of their younger instructors, one has to wonder if their approaches may eventually develop in new and different directions, in turn providing novel sources of inspiration and innovation not yet thought of by their more youthful compatriots.

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Vortex: Black Whirlpool Spins Endlessly in a Movie Theater


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anish kapoor vortex 1

A seemingly bottomless vortex of black water spins endlessly in the unlikeliest of places: the floor of a brightly-lit movie theater in San Gimignano, Italy. Peer into its mesmerizing depths, however, and it’s easy to forget where you are, feeling as if you might get sucked inside.

anish kapoor vortex 5

anish kapoor vortex 3

‘Descension’ is an installation by artist Anish Kapoor, specifically conceived for the former cinema, which has now been transformed into a gallery. The whirlpool is among a series of works by Kapoor on display in the space, including alabaster sculptures and large-scale works in fiberglass.

anishkapoor vortex 2

anish kapoor vortex 4

“I have always thought of it (the void) as a transitional space, an in-between space,” says Kapoor. “It’s very much to do with time. I have always been interested as an artist in that very first moment of creativity where everything is possible and nothing has actually happened. It’s a space of becoming.”

anish kapoor vortex 6

The artist, who’s best known for massive inflatable buildings, London’s ArcelorMittal tower and Chicago’s iconic Cloud Gate, previously installed a spiraling black whirlpool in the floor of the Aspinwall House in Fort Kochi, India for the country’s 108-day-long contemporary art biennale.

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Interactive Museum: Play in Paintings, Become Part of the Art


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fish bowl art museum

Making art accessible like never before, this interactive gallery encourages people to play around, with and even inside its artworks, extending the frame to include visitors.

art interactive museum design

playful engaging works of art

Located in a converted bus station in the Philippines, this unconventional museum dubbed Art In Island is packed with art that spills off the canvas and onto adjacent walls, floors and ceilings, breaking down the barrier between gallery and art as well as artist and viewer.

playful art exhibit philipines

playful interactive painting design

A series of famous regional artists were commissioned and flown in to create the series of 50 pieces that populate the place. Unlike most places, however, guests of this gallery are in turn encouraged to take pictures of themselves and their friends playing with this art. In some places, visitors can climb right into the frame of a painting or occupy a piece of it that pushes out and becomes three-dimensional in the space surrounding the work.

playful modern art space

playful art carpet ride

The idea is in part to make the experience of art a more accessible everyday activity, and to reconsider our relationship to those ‘do not touch’ signs found in most museums. There is also an element of the times (and places) involved – according to the CEO of the project, Filipinos are famous for taking selfies, and in the age of social media are also inclined to share those pictures online.

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Rural Retrofuturism: Dystopian Visions of Swedish Countrysides


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dystopian everyday life field

Set in an alternate-reality Sweden of the 1980s and 90s, these stunning paintings remix pastoral landscapes with futuristic robots, telling a story of a world that could have been. Robots roam alongside dinosaurs while people go about their everyday lives in surreal juxtapositions that seem all the more real for their everyday contents.

dystopian futuristic sweden

dystopian winter vehicles

dystopian print

dystopian flying machine

Simon Stålenhag‘s artwork has spread like digital wildfire across the internet over the last few years, and the announcement of a pair of English-language books (Tales from the loop) of his images and stories has been met with overwhelming support – his crowdfunding campaign has already raised more than 25 times is modest original goal.

dystopian floating tractor

dystopian fuel station

dystopian robots police car

The backstory could be the plot for an upcoming science fiction movie if fans have their way: “In the 1950s, the Swedish government orders the construction of a large particle accelerator. The state agency RIKSENERGI is tasked with developing this massive project. In 1969 the The Facility For Research In High Energy Physics is ready, located deep below the pastoral Mälaröarna-countryside. The local population soon calls it THE LOOP.”

dystopia rural countryside pastoral

dystopian scenes buildings

dystopian loop story

“The side effects of the project are dramatic. Strange sightings and bizarre rumours taints the scientific image of The Loop. In the shadow of the weird machines filling the countryside, life continues as normal. The kids of Mälaröarna grew up living above the technological marvel of The Loop, but for them it was just a part of their very ordinary lives. Until strange beasts from another time showed up, that is.”

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Balancing Act: Artist Paints Seaside Murals from a Surfboard


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hula 1

Painting a hyper-realistic mural outdoors is challenging enough on its own, and artist Sean Yoro not only pulls off incredible portraits, he does it all while balancing on his surfboard. Known as HULA, the Oahu-born, NYC-based painter meticulously crafts stunning images of women onto waterfront walls. Each of the figures seems to be emerging from the surface, the rest of them unseen in the depths.

hula 8

hula 3

“Now entering the street art game. Better grab my surfboard, paints, and get as far away from the street as possible,” the artist jokes on Instagram. In the scant three days since he posted his first seaside mural image, Yoro’s work has exploded across the internet, as much for the quality of his paintings as for the unusual way in which they’re produced.

hula 7

hula 2

hula 4

Yoro scouts locations at abandoned riverside sites where concrete meets the shimmering surface of the water. The rough, weathered surfaces provide a gritty backdrop for the photo-realistic imagery, making his subjects seem all the more otherworldly in comparison.

hula 6

hula 5

In some shots, mangled metal dangles down from partially demolished buildings as Yoro works, his paint cans set up on one side of his surfboard as he kneels in the center.

hula 9

The series is entitled ‘Pu’uawai,” which means ‘heart.’ Of the first image he completed, Yoro says “This piece was inspired by the silence beneath the surface of the water, when all you can hear is your heartbeat as everything else fades away. It’s one of the many places I call home.”

See more on Yoro’s Instagram, @the_hula.

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